Make Contact!

If you’ve been to a Decker course, you know that communicating effectively means making contact. Our SHARP principles allow you to hit a chord with your audience – driving your point of view home, and making your communication experience memorable.

SHARP: Stories, Humor, Analogies, References, Pictures

Zig Ziglar’s success as a motivational speaker and author can largely be attributed to his use of SHARP principles – in one speech he used verbal pictures to make some pretty boring statistics come alive.

A key point in Ziglar’s message was that success requires a solid foundation. To illustrate this, he told of a recent visit to the Calgary Tower and his recount of the structure’s history. “It is 626 feet tall,” Ziglar said. “That’s two football fields plus 26 feet. And of its 12,000 tons, 7,000 of them are underground. With a solid foundation, you too can rise to great heights.”

He painted another vivid word picture when he told the audience that the average twenty-year-old has seen one million TV commercials. That huge statistic was made to seem even more enormous when he continued, “…that’s 50,000 per year…1,000 per week.”

All of Ziglar’s analogies, examples and statistic supported his point of view. They were easy to absorb because he made them understandable. He used analogies that the audience could easily “identify” with.

Make sure that make contact with your audience – use SHARP principles to create a communications experience!

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