Humor Sells

Anything that makes anybody laugh has a high probability of selling.

Comcast is our cable provider, with lousy customer service, seemingly monthly price increases - very unpleasant to deal with. Maybe their internet service is better than DSL, but I wouldn't begin to think of calling them. Until they began connecting with humor.

First there was the commercials about the two turtles who loved 'slow', the Slowsky's:

Actually, there's a new one that I love -

"You put the 'I' into leisurely" and "you put the 'gag' in lolligag."

And then a series of commercials that are creative, funny and relate to their product:

Point is, humor sells. It can change an opinion, change an impression, make you want to connect with someone, and persuade an audience to buy into your message. Everybody loves humor. Use it.

Mark Gungor is so funny, he can say outrageous things and get away with it. (And there's a lot of truth in the things he says!) I had never heard of him until I saw him on a recent cruise, and now I'm raving about him. I've seen all four of his DVDs, and he is unique as a communicator. Powerful. Oh, he's also a humorist. And he sells his ideas!

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