How to influence with slides – titles!

Putting together a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation? Here’s one way to step up your game right now.

Use descriptive titles on your slides.

Quite often these days, on top of having a slide deck to support you while presenting live, you’re also expected to have a living, breathing slideument; it’ll be emailed around, forwarded, and likely read by someone who never heard you present the information!

How will these email readers know what you meant? Use descriptive titles.

Yank out titles that don’t give a clue as to what’s on the slide. Call out the key point, instead of leaving it open to interpretation.

Examples to strengthen your titles:


Redefining Data Requirements → Have your data at the right time, in the right format.

Usability Principles → Usability is unique to your business.

Conclusion → Adopting this standardization process is key for Q4.

Have any of you tried this yet? Let us know below and we’ll work with you on it!

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One comment on “How to influence with slides – titles!

  1. one of my favorites…and one i see violated most frequently with PPT. Makes me crazy….like using a violin as a hammer…