Do What You Have to Do – For Them! (Or Is It for You?)

I had a client that is pitching an important platform that she believes in and can make a pretty big societal impact – yet delivered her message in a very casual, ho-hum manner.  I asked her what she does before she does a panel or a speech.  She shared she works on her breathing, meditates, and gets into a Zen-type mindset, which is fine… for some.  But what I encouraged her to do was the opposite:

“I want you to get mad, find something that gets you pissed, frustrated.  We need more passion.  If you feel all your audience should embrace it, then show the passion.  Get mad they’re NOT!”

All to say, we have to do whatever we have to do to bring out the best in US – for THEM.  Some people do meditate.  Some people go into an empty bathroom and yell at the mirror to get themselves into a certain energetic state.  Do what you have to do.

What made me think of this – as a golf fan – I read this article about something Emiliano Grillo did this past weekend to help him win the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial.  As he waited for a playoff, which can mess with your mind – he invited a couple of kids to hit balls with him.  Why?  To put him in the right state of mind.  ‘A little trick to get my head out of the situation.’  Genius. 

So nerves?  We always encourage you to focus on the listener vs. yourself – it’s not about you.  Yet, for some, imagining the audience being naked helps.  I don’t see it, but whatever brings the best out of you to be as effective as possible.

It led to Grillo winning; let’s all win every time – whenever we speak.

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