Creating a Home Run Speech

SpeakerNet News is a great resource for beginning and advanced speakers – it’s free too.

This week they did a webinar with me entitled “Creating A Home Run Speech Every Time.”

It covers:

  • What outstanding speakers do that others don’t.
  • High level feedback.
  • Using oratorical devices.
  • Defining authentic energy.
  • Creating your own speaking experience.
  • and more…

Although this is geared to professional and advanced speakers, there’s good info for everybody. If you’d like to get a CD or MP3 of the hour broadcast, you can go directly to order.

One comment on “Creating a Home Run Speech

  1. Bert, thanks for the excellent resource!
    As a seasoned speaker (and grad of the NSA apprentice program) I’m always looking for ways to enhnace my performance.
    Which of your books would you recommend I purchase first?
    community creator
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