Communication Skills Count for the President

Take a look at this clip – it is funny. But that’s not why I’m playing it.

As a matter of fact I sat on it for a week, because I don’t want to make light of the President – either President Bush or President Clinton, as is the case here. But I decided to run it since there is an insight to be gained. And an important one.

If you didn’t think facial expressions and gestures counted much in impact, think again. Or rather see and hear again on this streaming video.

The behaviors of communicating effectively, or not very effectively, are paramount as to whether you are treated with respect over time. When people see you a lot, they get used to your mannerisms, and even at an unconscious level they see you as confident, or lacking confidence, in the broadest terms.

Take a look. There is such a vivid example here from national television.

Considering that several people took offense at where I put President Bush in the Ten Best and Worst communicators list of 2005, I think I’ll put up another blog pretty quick so this isn’t the last post. (Of course there will always be more on the communications style of the President – as I often say “the effectiveness of our communication determines the effectiveness of our life” – or our country as the case may be!)

One comment on “Communication Skills Count for the President

  1. Hi Bert,
    Sometimes a leader takes heat to make a point. Your lead in to the clip is spot on.
    Hopefully the heat will not be too bad.
    Best regards,