Blink – the Book of the Year

That may be high praise, but well deserved. Blink is not only immensely readable blink the book- with great research – it is APPLICABLE in your business as well as your personal life.

Malcolm Gladwell, the author of best selling Blink and the earlier Tipping Point hit a homerun by vividly demonstrating how our unconscious plays such a major role in our communications.

Too much to summarize in one blog item, but more insights from Blink will be coming in future posts. Here’s a fascinating one – and where most of Blink correctly emphasizes the power of the visual and our unconscious, this shows the power of our vocal TONE in our impact.

Think of how often you are on your cell phone, and then consider this:

  • Two groups of doctors were compared – one group had been sued for malpractice and the other group had not. There were no discernible differences in education or experience. There was a distinct difference in how long each group spent with their patients – those who were not sued spent a lot more time on the phone with their patients – that was the primary difference! Patients did not want to sue the doctors who communicated and cared.
  • But read on – the phone calls were also recorded, and then all the content taken was scrambled so you could only hear the resonance and tone of the doctor’s voice. Test audiences could place the recorded voice with the right group of doctors almost every time. Just from listening to tone – no content.

Beware the monotone or uncaring voice in your next cell phone conversation. It may not make the difference in a lawsuit, but it sure will make the difference in persuasion and influence.

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