Achieving Leadership and Collaboration

We launched Decker Communications to transform people’s lives – a mission that remains the same today. Having held CEO leadership since founding the company in 1979, I take pride in the fact that we have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their communications skills and lives.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors, I am also proud to inform you that we have elected Ben Decker as the new CEO of Decker Communications. We announced this appointment to the team last week at our first annual Decker Communications Kickoff. And I’m delighted.

Yes, this is the type of news you’d expect to read about in a press release. But as a valued member of our Decker community and alumni network, I wanted you to read about this transition first, here on our blog. (An official release with more details will occur next week.)

For the last two years, Ben and Kelly Decker have effectively been running the company. With crisp vision, strategic growth goals and superb communication skills, I might add, their leadership strengthens our mission. Together, they will continue to take our work and impact to new heights.

As our two-day, off-site kickoff at Carmel Valley Ranch unfolded, it got me thinking about leadership.

Passing the CEO Driver from Bert Decker to Ben DeckerAs an old style “driver” leader (and you see I did pass on my “driver” to Ben), I collaborated with others, for it’s true – you can’t build anything without teamwork. But I directed first.

Over the years, however, I have seen Ben, Kelly and the team LEAD through collaboration, directing only when necessary. The outcome? Quite a difference in both morale and output – both have sky-rocketed. What the team did together was so much more powerful than what any one of our individual leaders could have produced or contributed alone.


Let the 2013 Decker Kickoff Begin   Mike Rayburn asks What If   Workshop with The Second City

On top of the great Decker presentations and exercises, we also had the brilliant Mike Rayburn ask us, “What If…?” and play virtuoso guitar. We spent an exhilarating afternoon with The Second City, engaging in improv, communications and team-building activities – a highlight experience in itself. Get ready to reap the benefits of this inspiring, stimulating and collaborative leadership over the coming year, and beyond.

Decker Team Kickoff 2013

So the beat goes on, with a new leader and a great team.

Want to see more team photos from our Kickoff? Check out our facebook page.

3 comments on “Achieving Leadership and Collaboration

  1. Bert, look at what you started!
    I must admit, we look like an off-Broadway dance ensemble in the last photo!
    Great weekend for us all. Thank you!