A Heck of a Speech, and more…

The Convention - Day Two

Wasn't going to blog on this, but it was a heck of a night communication wise.

- Governor Mark Warner started it off with a solid hit. He was the keynote, and it will not be the equivalent of Barack Obama's 2004 speech that rocketed Obama to prominence, but Warner was the first speaker to really do well at this convention:

  • Great message - not a cliche
  • Used the teleprompter well, by not using it much at all
  • Connected with the audience

- Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana was then a surprise - energetic, light touch and interesting, making another hit that sent Mark Warner to third base, using a baseball analogy.

Hillary Clinton then hit the Home Run!

  • She opened with strong pride in being a mother, a Senator, and an avid supporter of Barack Obama. Singleness of purpose in her opening. Time to unite. Fight for the future.
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant Suits - nice line.
  • Spoke to the future, not the past, nor of regrets.
  • Great connection, no teleprompter apparent at all. Very energetic, powerful and presidential for that matter.
  • (But why did Michelle Obama have her chin thrust forward in seeming disapproval. Actually, it may

    be the way her teeth and jaw are put together, but she COULD have smiled (she

    finally did when her name was mentioned.)

  • She took a swipe at McCain without getting her strident voice in gear.
  • She spoke of women, and Harriett Tubman - and it was obvious she was enjoying herself in giving this speech (which was truly a communication experience.)
  • Rule of three with, "Keep going... keep going...keep going." And "There is no chasm too deep, no barrier to great, no ceiling too high..." moving to a great crescendo of an ending.
  • Hillary was a big game player with a big game speech. She didn't hold back. It was a communication experience.
  • As one commentator put it: "A clarion call of grace and power."

And more to come. As James Carville said, "The (communicating) skill at the top level of the Democratic party is as good as I've seen it."

With Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the next two nights, I think he's right.

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