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Transforming business communication

Our mission is to transform business communications. But what exactly needs transforming?

Rick Rexing, Clorox - improve, remove the fear, become a more impactful speaker! Great environment for learning and making change!

A Sales Vice President is challenged with lackluster results and delivers a stiff and uninspiring message at the National Sales Meeting...morale and results continue to decline.

An Engineer can't translate analyses into actionable initiatives...and does not advance in the company.

A mid-level manager presents to the executive team...but leaves them saying, "So what?"

A Consultant prepares an in-depth report and reviews it with the client...but lacks confidence and leaves them doubting the solution.

A Customer Service Representative handles an inbound call...but does not redirect the conversation for an up sell.

A polished professional articulately covers a meeting agenda item...but is perceived as cold and unapproachable.

These problems are a result of the message and the messenger. The Decker Method™ combines both behavior and content so that you'll deliver a powerful communications experience in any situation. Here are some of our key concepts that will transform your communications:

Connect with your listener to have impact

    • Be First Brain Friendly: Gain the ability to connect with any listener in your own style
    • Master The Behavioral Big Six: The visual and vocal ways that you show up in front of others - learn to transform communication to conviction

Back up your style with substance

    • Focus with The Decker Grid™: Our proprietary tool to build a focused, listener-based message that ends in action
    • Use SHARPs™ to your advantage: Move your message from Information to Influence, by getting your listener emotionally and actively involved

Maintain self-propelling, lasting change with continuous feedback

    • Extensive Video and Audio Feedback
    • 3x3 Feedback for continuous improvement

Decker Legacy
"The track record of Decker is extremely important. It's certainly the reason that we chose Decker."

- Rick Osgood, Chairman, Pacific Growth Equities

Transforming Communications
"I've seen a personal transformation in our #1 rep...it's a very telling story of how powerful Decker is."

- Seth Brusseau, West Regional Manager, Stryker