The Remote Experience

You Create

Team members at every level of an organization are struggling to adapt to this new, remote way of working. The virtual environment requires team members to do everything they were doing before—just more so, and better, and with an entirely new set of tools. In this engaging and live virtual delivery, participants will learn the skills and tools to immediately improve their confidence and abilities when it comes to contributing to the remote environment.

Active participation, not passive observation.

Think of this as an anti-webinar. This is a live, virtually led workshop,
unlike anything you or your teams have experienced before.

While some individuals will thrive working in a remote setting, studies show that most will struggle to adapt. The virtual environment requires employees to do everything they were doing before—just more so, and better. Better organized, better focused and better communications. With an entirely new set of tools to navigate, it's imperative that employers and leaders support their remote staff to avoid impacting culture and morale negatively.

Think of this as the anti-webinar. It's a 90-minute live virtual training led by a Decker coach. It's highly-interactive and gives your remote team the skills and confidence they need to be high-performers and maintain close relationships with colleagues when they work from home. Feedback is at the forefront of Decker programs and this course is no exception.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Remain agile, despite the distance
  • Come across confident and credible on video
  • Be focused and productive in a world of distractions
  • Leverage all communication tools (video, phone, chat and email)—and when to use each
  • Avoid simple mistakes that undermine trust
  • Communicate with leaders and manage up in a virtual setting
  • Balance work and home life

Program Details

  • 90-min live interactive virtual session
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Live self-assessments
  • Active participation
  • Individual frameworks, communication roadmaps, self-assessments
  • Breakout rooms to put their skills to the test in small groups
  • Video feedback in real-time among peers and led by our team