Remote Selling 2.0

Choreographing the Sales Experience

Skills for the New Hybrid Workplace.

A live, virtually lead workshop to build critical skills for the new hybrid workplace.

The challenges of selling in through remote communications channels continue to confound many sales organizations. Buyers have become harder to reach, budgets have shrunk, and well-established sales processes have been turned upside down. The balance of power has shifted even further into the hands of the buyers, who have access to increasingly endless amounts of data and information. The main obstacle cited by most remote sellers is access: how do I maximize the often-brief window to quickly connect and influence, and then how do I coordinate the best possible experience?

You’ll learn to quickly differentiate yourself from the competition and earn trust in a short amount of time.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Choreograph the customer experience, from speakers to slides, with purposeful handoffs and interactions.
  • Leverage increased accessibility of the remote environment to engage subject matter experts and executive support.
  • Learn the nonverbal cues and elements that quickly determine first impressions, establish emotional connection and continue to read the room.
  • Perfect the pitch: Reframe the message to reach executive buyers, lead with impact vs. solution/product features and functions.
  • Practice interactions that engage the customer to co-create the experience: posing thoughtful questions, facilitating discussion and more.
  • Adjust the experience for a range of situations.

Program Details

  • Delivered via virtual platform
  • 90-minute interactive session
  • Small or large group workshop
  • Optional: 1:1 coaching sessions or small group practice labs