Meaningful Conversations

Lead with Empathy

Skills for the New Hybrid Workplace.

Think of this as an anti-webinar. This is a live, virtually led workshop,
unlike anything you or your teams have experienced before.

Of all the challenges created by the new world of virtual work, perhaps none is more pressing than the need for greater empathy in leadership and managerial communications. The stresses and strains that employees are experiencing when working remotely amidst pandemic challenges are unfamiliar and formidable. Leaders across the entire organization must adopt a more listener-focused and personal style of communicating – one based on empathy that is practiced and purposefully cultivated in every conversation and meeting.

In this program, you will learn to shift your mindset and approach to having conversations with greater empathy.  The training will focus on active listening, understanding, and affirming what has been heard.

Program elements will include:

  • Learn the behaviors that determine empathy and trust.
  • Incorporate regular connection points into your regular communications cadence of weekly standups, monthly meetings, etc.
  • Design your meetings to focus on others and gain their authentic involvement.
  • Provide a psychologically safe space for others to speak freely and disagree.
  • Listen for the “why” behind tough questions and how to acknowledge it.
  • Practice leading with curiosity over judgment, believing the best in the individual.

Program Details

  • Delivered via virtual platform
  • 90-minute interactive session
  • Small or large group workshop
  • Optional: 1:1 coaching sessions or small group practice labs