Communicate for Speed

Skills for the New Hybrid Workplace.

A live, virtually lead workshop to build critical skills for the new hybrid workplace.

The seismic shift to remote work has slowed companies down. Decision-making, engagement, and managing productivity have all been harder in the virtual world. Yet research shows that for organizations that make a  special effort to gain speed, the rewards are significant. Fast organizations outperform their competition across almost every significant performance indicator. Achieving speed in a virtual or hybrid environment requires you do everything you were doing before—just more so, and better, and with a completely new set of tools.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Become even more mindful of the remote experience they create.
  • Decision-making speed: understanding communications enablers and obstacles to success.
  • How to be more inclusive in terms of soliciting input from colleagues, especially in virtual meetings.
  • Best-practices for reducing the number of meetings while simultaneously increasing collaborative speed.
  • Simulation, dialogue, and breakouts to address the aforementioned challenges.

Program Details

  • Delivered via virtual platform
  • 90-minute interactive session
  • Small or large group workshop
  • Optional: 1:1 coaching sessions