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Upcoming Open Programs

    June 14th and 15th – Leadership Presence for Women Virtual (8AM-12PM PT on Day 1, and 8AM-2PM on Day 2)$1,595.00
    October 15th and 16th – Leadership Presence for Women$1,595.00
    June 24th and 25th – Communicate to Influence Virtual (8AM-12PM PT on Day 1, and 8AM-2PM on Day 2)
    June 28th and 29th – Communicate to Influence Virtual (8AM-12PM PT on Day 1, and 8AM-2PM on Day 2)$1,595.00
    July 8th and 9th – Communicate to Influence Virtual (8AM-12PM PT on Day 1, and 8AM-2PM on Day 2)$1,595.00
    July 19th and 20th – Communicate to Influence Virtual (8AM-12PM PT on Day 1, and 8AM-2PM on Day 2)$1,595.00

Communicate for Speed

The seismic shift to remote work has slowed companies down. Decision-making, engagement, and managing productivity have all been harder in the virtual world. Yet research shows that for organizations that make a  special effort to gain speed, the rewards are significant. Fast organizations outperform their competition across almost every significant performance indicator. Achieving speed in a virtual or hybrid environment requires you do everything you were doing before—just more so, and better, and with a completely new set of tools.


Communicate to Influence

Communicate to Influence is an intensive, high-impact program featuring Decker’s methodology to boost your effectiveness – both in what you say, and how you say it. Connect, influence and inspire through expert instruction, video feedback and private coaching. The program is broken into bite-sized modules over the course of two days.


Leading Remotely

As a leader, how do you run a remote organization effectively? How do you keep people focused, informed and engaged? How do you manage routines and processes? How do you ensure morale and productivity remain intact?


Leadership Presence for Women

A powerful two-day virtual workshop designed to help rising women leaders own the room, earn trust, drive action and win opportunities. Women will learn how to leverage core strengths and use communication to project confidence and credibility in any situation. In a small group environment, two expert coaches provide tips, tactics and feedback about real issues experienced by rising women leaders.


Meaningful Conversations - Lead with Empathy

Of all the challenges created by the new world of virtual work, perhaps none is more pressing than the need for greater empathy in leadership and managerial communications.  Leaders across the entire organization must adopt a more listener-focused and personal style of communicating – one based on empathy that is practiced and purposefully cultivated in every conversation and meeting. Learn to shift your mindset and approach to having conversations with greater empathy.


New Communication Standards for Hybrid Work

Return-to-work initiatives range from never returning to the office (for Remote First companies) to coordinated office times for company-wide meetings and everything in between. As organizations begin these transitions, team interactions require new practices to keep the speed of the business and ensure inclusion from all participants - whether they are all in the same room, or participating remotely.


The Remote Experience You Create

While some individuals will thrive working in a remote setting, studies show that most will struggle to adapt. The virtual environment requires employees to do everything they were doing before—just more so, and better. Better organized, better focused and better communications. With an entirely new set of tools to navigate, it’s imperative that employers and leaders support their remote staff to avoid impacting culture and morale negatively.


Selling Remotely

For salespeople, relationships are everything. For even the best sales professionals, creating new client relationships and managing existing ones in a virtual environment can prove challenging. It takes more intentionality, energy and influence to sell remotely than face-to-face.


Selling Remotely 2.0 - Choreographing the Sales Experience

The challenges of selling in through remote communications channels continue to confound many sales organizations. Buyers have become harder to reach, budgets have shrunk, and well-established sales processes have been turned upside down. The balance of power has shifted even further into the hands of the buyers, who have access to increasingly endless amounts of data and information. Learn to quickly differentiate yourself from the competition and earn trust in a short amount of time.




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