Leadership Presence for Women

Great leaders are expected to portray great leadership. Leadership Presence for Women is a powerful one-day workshop designed to help rising women leaders own the room, earn trust, drive action and win opportunities. Women will learn how to leverage core strengths and use communication to project confidence and credibility in any situation. In a small group environment, two expert coaches provide tips, tactics and feedback about real issues experienced by rising women leaders. Along with in-room practice and real-time discussion, participants will also learn how to use situational awareness to project leadership presence.

Take ownership of your leadership journey!

The women-only focus of this course allows a safe environment to openly (and vulnerably!) discuss challenges and biases that are unique to women, including advocating for yourself, navigating the double bind of being pushy and being a pushover, and considering the implications of the competency threshold. You will leave more confident, connected and focused.

Important Note: Men can benefit just as much from these lessons, and there’s no male-bashing in this course whatsoever! We created this course to empower women to approach the existing biases that interfere with their leadership presence and career goals.

Designed for: Rising women leaders and high potentials
Prerequisite: None

People perceive your presence as a leader based on how you communicate. In this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Leverage your strengths to get to the top.
  • Have a voice that is heard.
  • Understand how others see you and shift habits that hinder you.
  • Take your seat at the table, and own it.
  • Separate your reaction from your response.
  • Be brief, be bright and be gone.
  • Use The Decker Grid,™ a structure to help you land your point of view.
  • Navigate mansplaining, man-terruptions and he-peating.
  • Call out patterns, biases, and interruptions.
  • Build career scaffolding and support.
  • Lead through disagreement.
  • Be intentional and consistent.
  • Apply these other communication tips for women.

“The perfect workshop to get inspired by amazing women leaders. The one-on-one session was honest and really constructive. The best feedback I’ve received.” -Aleissia Laidacker, Magic Leap

“For any woman that wants to learn how to present their thoughts, ideas, and own a strong POV. I would highly recommend this training.” -Morag Keirns, Spanning Cloud Apps

“What a wonderful experience! So helpful, so authentic, and full of great information and feedback! -Laverne Hardiman, United Capital Advisors