Selling Remotely

for Sales Teams

Even great salespeople can fail to adapt to the virtual environment – which takes a higher level of intention, energy, and dialogue to influence compared to face-to-face. In this engaging and live virtual delivery, participants will gain the confidence and skills to sell effectively over calls, webinars, video conferences, and more.

Active participation, not passive observation.

Think of this as an anti-webinar. This is a live, virtually led workshop,
unlike anything you or your teams have experienced before.

For salespeople, relationships are everything. For even the best sales professionals, creating new client relationships and managing existing ones in a virtual environment can prove challenging. It takes more intentionality, energy and influence to sell remotely than face-to-face.

In this highly-interactive and live training via Zoom, our experts will teach you how to come across trustworthy, credible in a virtual environment so that you can foster the relationships that will help you close the deal.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Leverage your strengths to get to the top.
  • Have a voice that is heard.
  • Understand how others see you and shift habits that hinder you.
  • Take your seat at the table, and own it.
  • Separate your reaction from your response.
  • Be brief, be bright and be gone.
  • Use The Decker Grid,™ a structure to help you land your point of view.
  • Navigate mansplaining, man-terruptions and he-peating.
  • Call out patterns, biases, and interruptions.
  • Build career scaffolding and support.
  • Lead through disagreement.
  • Be intentional and consistent.
  • Apply these other communication tips for women.

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  • April 1st Selling Remotely (1:00-2:30pm ET / 10:00-11:30am PT)

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  • April 7th Selling Remotely (1:00-2:30pm ET / 10:00-11:30am PT)

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Program Details

  • 90-min live interactive virtual session
  • Up to 25 participants
  • Live self-assessments
  • Active participation
  • Breakout rooms to put their skills to the test in small groups