Listen. Learn. Lead.

Many of us think we’re great listeners, but listening is much more than just hearing the words. And the same is true for leadership.

Move from presentation to conversation.

Listen. Learn. Lead. is a half-day workshop that is designed to leverage the power of listening in day-to-day conversations. Learn how to stay in the moment, actively listen, show empathy and understanding, and balance between listening and driving a conversation forward. Small group work and interactive exercises foster understanding, clarity and collaboration in a variety of work situations.



Designed for: Sales teams, leadership teams, HR professionals, customer success teams, HiPos or anyone who does business development
Length: Half-day workshop
Group size: Up to 36 people
Prerequisite: None

We will completely customize examples and application specifically for your team. Here’s a snapshot of the core principles covered in a half-day:

  • The keys to better listening: choosing the right environment, time and behaviors
  • The Communicator’s Roadmap™
  • Essential listening behaviors
  • Exercises to switch your agenda
  • Non-verbal messages
  • Roadblocks to effective listening—the visible and invisible distractions in your way
  • Balanced conversations: when and how to drive a discussion toward action and when to open up to more input and discovery
  • The four different styles of communicators: Direct, Logical, Friendly and Persuasive
  • Individual action plans for continuous improvement