Leading Remotely

for Executives & Managers

Great leaders and managers are struggling to adapt to this new, remote, way of working. The virtual environment takes a higher level of intention, interactivity, and energy to have an impact than in-person communication.

Active participation, not passive observation.

Learn the skills and tools, and immediately improve confidence and abilities, to manage teams effectively over video conference on any platform, calls, webinars, and more.

As a leader, how do you run a remote organization effectively? How do you keep people focused, informed and engaged? How do you manage routines and processes? How do you ensure morale and productivity remain intact?

In a virtual environment, it takes leaders a higher level of intention, interactivity and energy to have the same impact as in-person communication. Learn the skills (and gain the confidence) needed to manage your remote team in this live, 90-minute virtual training where we'll tailor examples, exercises and context to your team's needs.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to leverage different types of virtual tools (and when to use each)
  • How to avoid simple mistakes that undermine trust in the remote environment
  • Listening skills for making your team members feel heard
  • Tactics for keeping your team feeling connected and engaged
  • How to keep your team accountable while allowing for a flexible schedule
  • How to address employee fears and concerns
  • How to connect with a remote audience
  • How to display executive presence on video

Program Details

  • 90-min live interactive virtual session
  • Lead by our expert program team
  • Limited to 20 participants to keep it highly interactive
  • Includes Q&A and open dialogue