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Communicate with Service

For telephone-based professionals, learn to quickly build rapport with your listener. With continuous vocal exercises and group feedback, add power to every call and deliver results. This one-day program introduces the Decker Method™ and Decker Grid™ to enhance both sides of communications – behavior and content.

Sign your team up for a program that will be tailored to the participant’s specific needs. We’ll host you at our training facilities in San Francisco and New York City, or we’ll conduct the program at your site. Not sure if our existing offering is the perfect solution for your group? We offer customization and will design the right program to address your team’s challenges, budget, and timing.

Designed for: All telephone-based business professionals
Prerequisite: None

Communicate with Service


Communicate with Service features:

• Individual digital audio recorders for each participant to use and take back to the office

• Peer coaching and group feedback

• The “Big Six” Behavioral Skills

• Organize your thoughts to develop a focused message on the fly

• Learn the power of the voice in non-visual communications

• Turn any call into an opportunity to serve and sell

• Find out how the customer can always be right, but you don’t have to lose

• Boost customer satisfaction with tone, projection, and smile

• Think on your feet to handle difficult situations

• Utilize the 3×3 feedback system for continuous improvement