Chris Ward of State Farm calls Decker Communications a Must for Any Leader

Client Testimonial Videos

Jason Skeoch, General Manager, All Systems Broadband (On preparing for a high-stakes meeting with Ben Decker) “He works with a lot of other executives who do these types of presentations on a regular basis. I believed him, I trusted him and it paid huge, huge dividends.”
Kahla Broussard, Vice President of Retail Operations, Sephora (On women in leadership) “If we’re too bold and agressive it’s off-putting, but if we’re meek and mild we’re not considered confident and therefore prepared to take on larger projects or get promoted. It’s confusing a bit.”
Graham Weaver, Founder and Partner, Alpine Investors “As we started spending more time with Decker, we realized that the skills they were teaching were actually applicable to everyone… from selling to recruiting to giving presentations…”
John Clendening, Executive Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co. “Whether it’s helping leaders for an important presentation…or someone in a small group setting…Decker has been a huge value to Schwab.”
Mike Smerklo, President and CEO, ServiceSource “Our sales team has seen shortened sales cycles and larger average deal sizes at the point of sale.”
Bob Geren, Former Manager, Oakland Athletics “When the executive training ended, it never really did…the follow up coaching has been invaluable.”
Rick Osgood, Chairman, Pacific Growth Equities “The track record of Decker is extremely important. It’s certainly the reason that we chose Decker.”
Katy Keim, Chief Marketing Officer, Lithium Technologies “It gives people the level of confidence and presence like no other class I’ve seen.”
Seth Brusseau, West Regional Manager, Stryker “I’ve seen a personal transformation in our #1 rep…it’s a very telling story of how powerful Decker is.”
David Nelson, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo “People have said this is one of the best skills that they have had as employees of Wells Fargo Bank.”