Chris Ward of State Farm calls Decker Communications a Must for Any Leader

Before/After Videos

At Decker we work with individuals during our Private Coaching sessions to identify their unique Pivot Points – changes they can make that will make a pivotal difference to their own communications experience. Just like improving a golf swing, it’s important not to try and change everything all at once. Rather, our Program Leaders help participants focus on just one or two skills at a time, and then layer on additional skills as progress is made.

The Before/After videos below show improvement over the course of our Communicate To Influence™ Programs. While each individual worked on skills according to their own coaching plan, all of them resulted in significant improvements in the way they come across. You’ll notice increased confidence, energy, and connection with the audience.

Before: Likable and confident, he was plagued by use of filler words – “um,” “uh,” “you know…”
After: After seeing himself on video, he removed all his filler words! Pausing, as needed, instead.
Before: Appears friendly, yet timid, pretzeling her legs, shifting her posture and looking around.
After: Planting her feet and holding her gaze, she comes across as more confident and credible.
Before: Lack of eye contact makes it hard to connect with him.
After: Improvement in eye communication and broader gestures helps him connect with a Western audience in a credible, confident way.
Before:With a soft voice and darting eye communication, he appears disengaged from the audience.
After: He owns his material and owns his space. Linking eye communication with movement makes him more confident and in control of the experience. And his strong voice keeps their attention.
Before: Her off-balance stance and soft voice show that she is unconsciously pulling back from the audience.
After: All behaviors are purposeful, and engaging. With a “ready position,” strong voice and directed movement, she communicates like a leader.
Before:Such is the experience with so many executives – stoic and controlled, talking to a “room” rather than to people.
After: Improved connection with the audience through greater energy, most notably in movement, having a “lightness of face” and stronger vocal variety.
Before:Seems first brain friendly, but is unsure of herself and may lack credibility. Behaviorally she looks down at the floor while thinking, clasps her hands nervously, and has long “ums.”
After: Improved posture and eye communication show confidence, and also allow her to move toward the audience, involving them in what she is saying. And, not a single “um” in there.
Before:He appears likable and friendly, but his non-words (ums and uhs) are too distracting for the listeners.
After: He eliminated the non-words completely, and began to use the Power of the Pause to allow him time to think and stay on point.