Chris Ward of State Farm calls Decker Communications a Must for Any Leader

Results We Deliver

No other training program will impact ALL that you do. You’ll learn how to become a Most Valued Asset to your organization by changing the way you come across – polishing your presence, focusing your messages. The Decker Method™ provides tools you can use immediately to boost results, and increase impact on your team, organization, and company.

Closed Sales


Whether you’re selling directly or managing a sales team, it’s critical to transform your message from information to influence. We help sales teams use behavioral skills to connect with the listener and craft a message that is memorable and persuasive, even in the face of obstacles and objections.

“After attending Decker’s Communicate To Influence, I have improved my abilities to motivate my sales organization to succeed in a very challenging economic climate so that they can achieve our organization’s objectives.”

Elizabeth King, Director of Sales – Oracle



One of the greatest, often unexpected benefits of Decker programs is the camaraderie and teamwork that results from journeying together and providing feedback to peers. You’ll not only increase your own individual impact, but when you attend with other team members, you’ll increase the effectiveness the team.

“The Decker session gave our executive team a common language to talk and think about what messages we want to convey and what/how we will influence others to move our business forward, and connect with our people and vendors. This will allow us to spend more time focusing on what we are working to influence versus the format of the slides!”

Tawni Cranz, HR Director

Saved Time


Transforming business communications requires a mindset shift – we read from slides with endless text, and spend hours developing content. In doing so, we miss the forest for the trees. With the Decker Grid, you’ll get to the “So what?” sooner and be sure to end with action. John Bair, Chief Technologist, Consulting and Integration for HP commented,

“Using the Decker Grid method will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to create a presentation and at the same time produce a more effective result.”


Charles Schwab

You’ll always feel more confident knowing your content well. But, we rarely have the luxury of rehearsing enough to know our content cold. The Decker Grid™ is the framework to keep your message focused. When you pair it with video feedback, you’ll have the confidence you need to deliver any message. Here’s how a VP at Schwab used the Grid immediately after the program:

“I just wanted to let you know that my conversation this afternoon went beautifully! Having the Grid structure really gave me the confidence I need to address a delicate issue in a non-defensive and supportive way. We both left the conversation with action items. Thank you very much for a great two days, for a tool which will help for the rest of my life, and for the support and coaching this afternoon. It has already had a significant return on investment.”



Move your message from information to influence. The Decker Grid™ gives you a tried-and-true system for delivering a message that appeals to your audience that will have them saying “I want to,” instead of “I have to.”

“Messages are too often unfocused – a result of not focusing clearly on the listener. That’s why we leave too many drawn-out meetings without any action. The Grid changes all of that. “

Susan Schramm, Vice President Sales, Siemens

Tools You Can Use


A hallmark of the Decker Method™ is using interactive exercises with expert instruction. As soon as participants see success practicing the principles in their daily job, they’ll experience self-propelling change and become more and more dedicated to stay in the process. This motivation is evident in the comment below from Dennis Dube, Regional Vice President at AT&T.

“I was skeptical as to how immediate Decker could help improve my communication. However, I’ve been transformed and have a number of tools and techniques that will increase my effectiveness starting tomorrow!”