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Communicate to Influence

    September 8th in NYC: 1-Day CTI Express$995.00
    September 14th – 15th in NYC$1,695.00
    September 25th – 26th in NYC
  • Early Bird 
    October 12th – 13th in NYC$1,695.00 $1,595.00
  • Early Bird 
    October 23rd 1-Day CTI Express$995.00 $895.00
  • Early Bird 
    November 13th – 14th in NYC$1,695.00 $1,595.00

Looking to move up, reach out, change a process – or the world? Wanting to increase your executive presence? Focus on your presentation behaviors and content in Decker’s Communicate to Influence.

Read (or print) this page to learn exactly what you’ll get.


Learn the Art of Business Storytelling


Decker Made to Stick Messaging

Designed in partnership with Chip & Dan Heath, this one-day workshop elevates the effectiveness of an important pitch.

Come with a pitch in mind, and work throughout the day to make it stick.

Ideal for leaders, sales people, speakers, managers and professionals who must persuade and convince others to action.
Read (or print) this page to learn exactly what you’ll get.

Decker Made to Stick Messaging

    September 18th in NYC$995.00

Looking for a Tune Up?


The Next Level Class

The continuous improvement process never stops! Advanced techniques and exercises help leaders think on their feet in any situation.

You know the Decker Difference. Are you ready to reach for The Next Level?

The Next Level

  • Early Bird 
    October 20th in NYC$995.00 $895.00

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