New Communication Standards for Hybrid Work

Return-to-work initiatives range from never returning to the office (for remote-first companies), to coordinated office times for company-wide meetings, and everything in between. As organizations begin these transitions, team interactions require new practices to keep the speed of the business and ensure inclusion from all participants—wherever they are.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand unintentional biases that can impact dispersed teams and how to overcome them with purposeful inclusion
  • Apply the 3Cs (Connection, Cadence and Channel) for evaluating your communication mix across the organization 
  • Create a space where all voices are heard
  • Create connection from any seat and maximize casual collisions for maintaining team engagement
  • Utilize hybrid meeting best practices across modalities (in person, videoconference, dial-in and more) that engage the entire group: posing thoughtful questions, calling for input, facilitating discussion, etc.
  • Survey your meeting cadence and determine where to draw down or ramp up during the Return to Office
  • Understand how to be an active participant from any location, whether leading a meeting or participating in it
  • Utilize the right channel for the right communication situation – map the goal and objective of the meeting and choose the correct modality to accomplish 
  • Maximize time in the office vs. time out






Large Group Format up to 150. Small Group Format with 1:1 coaching up to 30.

Timely and relevant content
Associate Leading Financial Institution
I think this is foundational in ensuring an ideal hybrid communication model. Our leaders are looking for ways to be effective in their ability to create community and collaboration across multiple channels.
Associate Leading Financial Institution
This course was helpful in building the required skill set to engage with participants in a fluid environment while navigating virtual/the return to in person!
Associate Leading Financial Institution