Decker Digital

Up-level your communication and presentation skills in just two and a half hours. Based on our signature, small-group program, Communicate to Influence, Decker Digital is a highly interactive virtual training program that leverages cutting-edge technology to enable impactful learning that meets you anywhere you have an internet connection.

Hosted by expert coaches and authors Ben and Kelly Decker, this course lets you replicate the most nerve-racking part of public speaking and get over your biggest fears with a “live” audience simulation. You’ll record yourself, then watch it back to identify “aha moments” and challenge yourself to improve.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the habits that are helping or hindering your connection with audiences
  • Provide yourself with feedback, reflect on progress, and identify areas for improvement
  • Master the Decker Grid™, a framework for creating a listener-focused message that establishes trust, is memorable and ends in action

Course content: 8 modules + The Lab:

Complete the eight modules in less than three hours. The Decker Digital Lab is where the magic happens. Through interactive exercises and video feedback, you’ll practice what you learn at each step of the way. You can also go back to The Lab whenever you need to review, prepare, and practice.

  • Get Ready, Get Set
  • Messages That Influence & Inspire: The Decker Cornerstones™
  • Why Influence?
  • Messages That Influence & Inspire: The Decker Grid™
  • Behaviors of Trust: Connection
  • Strike a Chord: SHARPS
  • Behaviors of Trust: Credibility
  • Bring It All Together!


On demand


2.5-3 hours


1 per license

Excellent virtual class, best I’ve ever taken
Lisa C. HR Director
One of the most effective online learning methods I’ve used. Great layout filled with tools and tips that you can immediately apply to your daily life. It’s that good.
Dirk V. Director, Infoblox
This should be required for everyone!
Erika D. F5
Decker Digital has helped me pinpoint my areas that need improvement and give me the tools I need to succeed.
Melissa C.This should be required for everyone!” – Erika D., F5 LQ Digital
Very professionally, and constructively created course. It’s succinct, getting to the key points expediently.
Dan L. World Vision