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Inspire With "The Gold Standard"


"The Decker approach to communications offers the framework for becoming far more than a first-class communicator… it offers the framework to become a first-class connector. If you want to grow your leadership skills in a manner that is authentic and lasting, there is no better place to start than with Decker Communications."


President and CEO of The Charles Schwab Co.

"The Deckers' practical approach in this book will help every businessperson build the critical skill of communicating that actually influences action. I've been using and loving their method for years-years- it's great to see their powerful ideas in this must-read that really hits the mark!"


VP of Americas Customer Solutions at Google and author of Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

"Leaders at every business big and small can be more effective once they learn to Communicate to Influence. I've seen the results myself, professionally and personally."


Head of Content and Business Operations at YouTube

"A breakthrough book for those who have to persuade-and that's all of us. The Communicator's Roadmap will move you from influence to inspire."


Founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and bestselling author of Emotional Equations

"Effective communicating is the #1 skill needed in business today, and the Deckers have unlocked the key ingredient: communicating to inspire an audience… Inspirational communication- and the culture it helpe create-led my team to achieve what many thought impossible."


President of Cricket Wireless

"The most powerful aspect of using the Decker Method is that it allows you to organize your thoughts and present them in a way that connects you with your audience. Since taking the Decker course 11 years ago, I have never spoken publicly without using it-and never plan to. The method teaches you how to personalize even the most difficult message."


VP and GM of Stryker Medical

"Ben and Kelly's approach gives people the courage to change, tapping into intrinsic motivators, which ultimately drive behavior."

Head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

"Communicating with and inspiring people is at the core of all we do. First I, and then our company, learned how to truly communicate and inspire clients and customers by following the methodologies in this book. Ben and Kelly have not only developed a proven roadmap to successful communication, they have taken the journey with us. Great communication is critical in all roles, and when you get it right, it is beautiful to watch. This book will help you get it right."


President of Stoli Group USA (and former President and CEO of Bacardi and Moët Hennessy)

"Learning how to Communicate to Influence helped me loosen up, connect with my team, and actually create the change I wanted. When I prepare using the Decker Method, I confidently communicate critical messages to key business influencers."


CEO of IPC, SUBWAY® Purchasing Cooperative

"My favorite part of this book is that the Deckers drill some famous people: Obama, Mayer, Zuckerberg. Nothing is more amusing or informative than learning how the emperors have no clothes. I hope they never write about me."


Chief Evangelist of Canva and bestselling author of The Art of the Start, version 2.0

"Applying the Decker Method changed not only how I give presentations and speeches, it transformed the communication strategy for our entire organization. Communicate to Influence is a must-read for leaders who truly want to make a difference both on the stage and off."


CEO of Christus Health

"If you are interested in taking your leadership to the next level, this is the book to read. Thought-provoking, yet a fun and easy read, it delivers actionable new ideas in every chapter. You'll want everyone you know in a position of influence to read and apply its lessons."


EVP of Investor Services at Charles Schwab

"We spend endless hours growing our skills as leaders but underinvest in communication. This isn't about main stage flash; it's about motivating, inspiring, and influencing others to take action. Communicate to Influence isn't about presentation skills; it's about raising the game on how you show up as a leader."


Chief Marketing Officer of Lithium

"The Deckers nail it. This book gives the latest success principles of the two key elements of speaking: behavior and content. I love the Decker Grid! I use it all the time."

Vice President of eCommerce at The Clorox Company

"Any leader who wants to create change needs to learn how to Communicate to Influence. Leaders in my organization have benefited from these principles."


Head of HR and Talent Acquisition at Ericsson

“A roadmap for immediate action! Communicate to Influence shows us how to step up and inspire. This is a must-read for leaders everywhere.”


SVP of Worldwide Sales at FireEye

"The lessons in this book can convert an awkward speaker into a compelling communicator. I know because I have seen it happen. Using a handful of key principles, the Decker team transforms stilted, cluttered presentations into dynamic interactive conversations. If you need help with your communications skills, this is the place to start."


NTU Professor of Marketing at MIT Sloan School of Managment

“Proven ideas to make you a better speaker in all settings… a great book and a fast and fun read! I particularly like the Communicator’s Roadmap, which helps you position yourself and your audience so you can ultimately inspire people.”


Retired Software Executive at Informatica, Oracle, and Documentum

“This book explains the art and science of modern communication . . . how to win people’s attention away from time pressures, social media, e-mails, and continuous news feeds. Up-to-date examples and new tools explain ideas that are easy to grasp. It’s valuable reading for those of us who need to influence others. I plan to use the Decker Method the next time I deliver a conference keynote.”


CEO of Headsets.com, Inc.

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