Decker Communications Called 'The Gold Standard' in USA Today

In the USA Today weekly column 'Entrepreneurial Tightrope' by Gladys Edmunds, Decker Communications was named 'the gold standard' for communication training programs. "It's been 20 years since I took that training program, and still, each time I approach the speaker's platform, all the important points of delivering a presentation rush to my mind… it is still the gold standard I look for in any training I participate in."


How to Get Your Employees Excited to Do Their Work

"No one wants another checklist task that they have to complete. We want to be called to something greater. So instead of informing and directing your direct reports, aspire to inspire…"

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How to Speak in Public Without Getting Nervous

One of the best ways to handle nervousness is to share personal stories, says Ben Decker, chief executive at Decker Communications, San Francisco, a consulting and training firm. Opening with a personal anecdote that relates to your talk can help you get…”

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Fast Comapny

Five Lies You're Telling Yourself about Your Communication Style

"Getting your point across is about a lot more than the words you say, and no, you can't just 'Wing' your presentations. Business communications sucks. We spit out information and miss the opportunity to influence, inspire, or even mildly entertain because we don't consider the experience that we're creating…."

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Psst. Look Over Here.

“‘Eye contact is the basis of connection, and if you don’t have it in an in-person experience, you flat out don’t have communication,’ said Kelly Decker, president of Decker Communications in San Francisco, which trains employees of Fortune 500 companies to interact with one another and their customers more effectively.”

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Short, Passionate Presentations Are The Most Powerful

“”It’s amazing the amount of impact that you can pack into 18 minutes,” said Kelly Decker, president of Decker Communications. “Our clients are now having annual conferences that limit people to 20 minutes of main-stage talk time. They no longer need…”

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American Management Association

Three Reasons Why Your Message Isn't Getting Through

"This trust gap plagues leaders at every level, whether in sports, entertainment, or business at large. This means that people no longer trust you simply on the basis of your leadership position. In fact, they may view you and your message with heightened skepticism because you are in a leadership role."

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33 Voices

Interview with Ben Decker: Communicate to Influence

“Great communication moves people, but great communicators are elusive and rare… For the past three decades, Decker Communications has been the go-to firm for entrepreneurs who want to communicate with impact, and in their book, Communicate To Influence: How to Inspire Your Audience to Action, Ben and Kelly Decker share for the first time, the philosophy that anchors their structure…”

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Communicating a Corporate Vision to Your Team

“As a team leader, you’re not always the one to set the grand overarching vision, but your role – communicating it and casting it in a way that motivates your team – is essential…”

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How to Grab and Keep Your Audience in the Attention Economy

"Want to know your real competition when you're speaking, whether to an individual or group? You're up against the human mind. Weighing in at just three pounds, this competitor is the repository of countless conscious and unconscious thoughts. We are bombarded with data at every turn…"

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What Email, IM, and the Phone Are Each Good For

“As the person sending the message, it’s your job to select the right vehicle for what you’re trying to convey or ask. Your colleagues have plenty on their own to-do lists. In order to get the response you need, when you need it, you must make it as easy as possible for the recipient to get back to you—and this is where choosing the right medium makes a difference…”

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The Five Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make In Speaking

"Being able to speak well allows leaders to influence and inspire others. Unfortunately, not all leaders take the time to work on this critical skill and, as a result, their effectiveness as leaders diminish."

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