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"You are called to communicate well. Not only on the main stage, under bright lights-but every time you speak with your colleagues, your clients, and other stakeholders. It's time to learn how. Stop informing. Start inspiring…"

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Authority is certainly one way to influence. It’s tried and true. But it’s also tired. It’s become synonymous with tyranny and autocracy. Instead, we challenge you to rise above the level of flashing your title to get people to act.
Business Communication Sucks
Step One: Admit you have a problem. Learn the five little white lies you’re telling yourself right now.
On Deaf Ears
What if half of everything you say isn’t getting through? Gain trust, cut through the electronic clutter and earn the license to lead.
Creating a Communication Experience
Treat every opportunity like a new location. Use the Communicator’s RoadmapTM to be intentional about your destination.
Behavior Reigns
We buy on emotion, and justify with facts. Master the Behaviors of Trust so people buy-off on you.
Strike a Chord
Create an emotional connection and make your messages stick. Use stories (and more).
Move from Information to Influence
Focus your message with The CornerstonesTM. Build from the ground up, start with your listeners, and make it about them.
A Structure, Not a Script
The Decker GridTM, the tried-and-true framework, builds on your focus to fully develop your message quickly and easily, every single time.
Navigate Your Experience
Real leaders in real situations show how to intentionally reach the right destination on the Communicator’s Roadmap.
The 10X Communicator
There’s no such thing as a natural-born communicator. Do the work. Be yourself. Have the courage to make a change.

"Lest you think that you are not a public speaker, here's a news flash: there is no such thing as private speaking! And while it's true that we may not have formal speaking opportunities going on all the time, each one of us communicates many times a day, every single day of the week."

What's It All About?

Why Now?

The 5 White Lies: Exposed

The Communicator's Roadmap

 Be a 10X Communicator

Kelly Decker Explains Gestures

Ben Decker on Lightening Up

Targeting Your Listeners

What Exactly Is a Point of View?

There is no such thing as private speaking.
Start Influencing!