Word of Mouth – creating the best communication experience

There is no substitute for word of mouth communications – not just when you are selling a product, but when you are selling yourself. What do people say about you? Do you leave an afterglow after you are gone – whether from a speech or a meeting or a social interaction? That’s what we mean when we say you create your own communication experience.

And here’s a first hand example of creating a communication experience in the launch of a start-up – which hasn’t even launched yet. But they have already created a buzz, and have begun to build their experience. It’s Bazaarvoice, which is in stealth mode (so they don’t say much about what they do, and I won’t give it away.)

But to give you my dear blog reader a scoop, I will tell you today what they will announce tomorrow – that Sam Decker, famed Dell marketer and ecommerce expert, (and also my son I am biased to say) will be joining Bazaarvoice. He announced that today on his excellent blog, and already I have seen from their communications a good dozen articles and blog connections that predict great success. (I hope so.)

By the way, there is interesting background on the name, in case it struck you as a bit odd, (as it did me at first.) It’s well thought out actually, which is all a  part of creating that unique and impactful communication experience.

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