Create Your Communications Experience

The essence of communicating is creating an experience.

Here’s the problem: It’s unconscious. We don’t think about the experience that we create. Most of us don’t even know we create one.

That’s why Apple’s new ads about experience (like this one) caught our eyes.

Apple Ad - Experience

Here’s an excerpt (that we adapted ever-so slightly):

 This is it.      This is it.
 This is what matters.      This is what matters.
 The experience of a product.      The experience of you.
 How it makes someone feel.      How you make someone feel.
 When you start by imagining      When your audience starts by imagining
 What that might be like,      What that might be like,
 You step back.      They step back.
 You think.      They think.
 Who will this help?      Who will you help?
 Will it make life better?      Will you make life better?
 Does this deserve to exist?      Does this meeting deserve to exist?
       If you are busy making everything,      If you are busy saying everything,
 How can you perfect anything?      How can you perfectly convey anything?

It’s time to make the unconscious conscious.

What is your communications experience?


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