Where’s Your Lean?

Wheres-Your-LeanYears ago I co-produced the film “Robert Kennedy Remembered.” One of my favorite lines in the narrative described when Robert Kennedy first came to Washington as Senator, “He hit the ground running, leaning forward.”

Politicians know it. Executives know it too. Successful communicators (ie. successful people) lean forward in all they do. They possess character and talents, of course — natural gifts and developed skills. But it’s how they communicate with action that differentiates them from the pack.

The forward lean is a mindset. It impacts every facet of your life. It’s a “can do” attitude, approaching opportunities with a simple commitment to just do it.

We’re talking about leaders who engage. They get involved. They participate. They stand up, raise their hand, volunteer and take chances without hesitation. High energy, always working toward something specific and moving in a deliberate direction – successful leaders understand how to lead, by example. They communicate with action.

Do you have a forward lean? Do you:

  • sit in the front row at a seminar or meeting?
  • speak up, ask questions, volunteer?
  • often find you’re the first to get things started?
  • jump in and get involved…put yourself on the playing field?

Successful communication is a natural extension of the forward lean. We see it in high profile leaders, but we also see it in every area of life: Home, office, church, non-profit, school, community organizations. The opportunities for any of us to lean forward abound.

So where does your lean manifest? Are you leaning forward? Once you start leaning forward, you MOVE forward.

Getting Into The Zone

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