Lightening Up!

True or False: To be taken seriously, you have to be serious?

False. People buy on emotion and justify with fact. Whether we’re presenting at a quarterly business review (QBR), in front of your board or simply touching base in a one-on-one meeting, we have to be light!

But don’t just take my written word for it – watch my face and see for yourself. Notice the difference between when I lighten up my face – and when I do not.

You’ll also learn the #1 tip I share with top executives.

Lighten up! Remember, you might feel a disparity – usually when it feels like an ear-to-ear grin, it’s barely a smile. Watch yourself on video if you can. No matter what, try to overdo your smile.


Should I Be Likable or Influential?

Actually, you can be both – and you should try to be both. When you’re likable, you’re almost automatically more influential. As Bert wrote in You’ve Got to Be Believed to Be Heard, “The likability factor dominates in politics. It dominates in business. And it dominates in our day to day lives. … Continue reading