The Laugh Doctor is Back

Humor In Speaking was one of the more popular (and useful) posts on this site in the past 12 months – and the featured laugh Doctor is back again. Today the San Francisco Chronicle has him on the front page of the Sunday Style section – worth looking at.

And only here can you see a video version of Laugh Therapy and the Chronicle article illustrated.

Use humor in presenting yourself, but use laughter in your communicating all the time. Laughter connects with others, and as you see here, and as it says in both print and media, forced or genuine, it works.

Humor Sells

Anything that makes anybody laugh has a high probability of selling. Comcast is our cable provider, with lousy customer service, seemingly monthly price increases – very unpleasant to deal with. Maybe their internet service is better than DSL, but I wouldn’t begin to think of calling them. Until they began … Continue reading