Everchanging Variable

Don Hutson is a great speaker and author of One Minute Entrepreneur – it was a thrill to watch him share and speak at the same time here at our Speaker’s Roundtable meeting. His great presentation was not taped, (don’t miss him here) but he had a great quote with his signature Marriott story:
“The image of a person, company or product is never a constant but an ever-changing variable.”
Communicating constantly (and well) makes all the difference.

(I also learned at our meeting to keep posts short – thanks Terri.)

The One Minute Entrepreneur

“The One Minute Entrepreneur” is out, and it’s great. Already it’s been #1 on Amazon’s best seller list (currently #3.) I’d recommend you get online and buy it now, because… well first of all it’s about communicating. And also: It’s excellent, and will inspire you in several ways. It has … Continue reading