Communicating THROUGH the Coronavirus

A confluence of forces has changed all of our worlds overnight. Most leaders and their companies have been sprinting fast in a robust corporate world and just smashed into a brick wall. How do you communicate THAT?

That’s our business, and at Decker, we are communicating directly to our employees the harsh realities, as well as the opportunities. And though we are going virtual, and recommending our clients go more virtual, we are also finding that what we think will drive us farther apart – can actually bring us closer together.

So a few tips here, and we’ll have more in future days. But call us – this is too important a time to communicate well, fast and often, to not have specific advice and consulting for your company and your leadership with your ever-changing business climate!

  • Communicate often. To employees and clients. To be clear is kind. And since the events of coronavirus, travel bans, stock gyrations and opinions on all of these things are changing daily, be clear often where you stand as a leader.
  • Communicate the ‘why.’ The curse of knowledge strikes again, for what might be clear to you and your leadership teams will not be clear to everyone else. Employees and clients.
  • Communicate virtually. For the near future, travel and in-person meetings are in chaos. So use Zoom, Skype, and Webex – but use it well. Get consulting and coaching on how to use it, and the best techniques. We blogged on it here and here in past – and it’s even more important for leaders to be confident in these times of uncertainty. Take these moments as new opportunities to influence and connect – and make it an experience.

Keep in mind that when remote, it’s harder to keep the attention of the audience – whether one or one thousand – so all of the principles we coach and teach are even more important.

Call me (415-543-8100) and I’ll set up a Zoom call with you.

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