New Look for the New Year

Not exactly sure how to introduce a new website, except to say it. NEW WEBSITE!

Well, not yet, but Tuesday our new Decker Communications, Inc. website will be up. (The new blog look you see here is a prelude.) Although it’s mostly of excitement to us at Decker, we hope it will be of much more use to our clients and associates as well, with finished video clips (here’s a sample rough cut), Before and After film from workshops, tips, latest communicating concepts, and more. Tune in.

And shortly after on this blog I hope you will be looking for my annual Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators of 2008 – that will be coming the morning of December 31st.

  • One person is on both the best and worst list – how can that be?
  • And social media types will be interested in The New Communicators on the Best List.
  • And who is #1?

Coming soon.

6 comments on “New Look for the New Year

  1. Heya Bert, Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I would be interested to see the formula used to identify the “winners and losers”
    Whereas I agree with most of your list, the exclusion of Congressman Ron Paul (from the Best List) is definite oversight.
    Consider: A relative unknown libertarian running for the republican nomination set records in fundraising; exponentially increased visibility, awareness, credibility and conversions; smart, accurate, on-point talking points that foretold of a financial collapse; excellent communication design; more individual campaign contributions for military service personnel; the most meet-up groups, globally, and on and on… all without the aide of his political party, all without the aid of single red cent from tax payers, all without the aid of Big Donor Phantom PAC’s.
    Considering what Dr. Paul and his team accomplished with fundraising, social media, edge-based organizational management and genuine grassroots proliferation (despite overwhelming odds against these initiatives, generally,) He definitely deserves at place at this table.
    Towards creative fidelity,
    Jason Stoddard
    PS How did Jesse Jackson and Michael Vick not make the “Worst List”?