Humor Sells

Humor does more than entertain, it sells!

A classic study on the effects of humor from the Journal of Advertising notes that humor:

  1. Increases the attention paid to a commercial
  2. Improves the liking of a commercial
  3. Reduces irritation experienced from commercials
  4. Increases liking of the product itself

Just as humor is effective in positioning products in the minds of consumers, it is equally valuable in positioning your ideas in the mind of your audience. Use the tips below to build humor into your presentations:

  • Expand your definition of humor to include anecdotes and stories – don’t limit yourself to jokes with punch lines, especially if you’re not a good joke teller.
  • Use the spontaneity of the moment to poke fun at yourself and situation.
  • Avoid jokes unless they are relevant to your subject and are in good taste.

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