10 Steps to Make Your Meetings Better

Meetings – We all have ’em, can’t live with ’em, and can’t live without ’em. BNET did a video interview with me on some key points to communicate more effectively through meetings. Here are some additional tips we give to our clients at Decker Communications, Inc., where we train people … Continue reading

Speakers – Be Aware, Twitter is Coming

Business speakers (and leaders, keynoters, politicians, Pastors and, well, everyone…) need to be aware that like it or not, Twitter is coming to their speaking experience. Be Aware, and Beware! There’s been a lot of buzz – and new insight – into what to do about people twittering while you … Continue reading

The New SlideShare Ribbon

SlideShare is a great application most of you know about and use – it allows everyone to share PowerPoint presentations and decks easily and effectively. And among other things they have The World’s Best Presentation Contest every year. Now the SlideShare folks have come up with another new function. They … Continue reading

The How and Why of Twitter

Why Twitter? This post is in three parts: Why should you do it? (And why am I advocating it here, since many of you are interested in this blog for speaking/personal communications.) Beginning and Intermediate Twitter. (That’s me.) Advanced Twitter. (I’m not there, but will point you to who is, … Continue reading

Presentation Zen – a best blog

If you follow blogs on communicating, you certainly know of Presentation Zen and Garr Reynolds. If not, sign on now, because… Everytime I try to find a great post of the week in Alltop’s speaking category, there rarely is any that beats the depth, interest and visual power of Garr’s … Continue reading