Big Picture: What’s Next?


Baseball playoffs, scrambling to meet the sales quotas for this year, and – oh yeah – finalizing plans for next year. It’s October. If you’re not planning for next year, you should be.

Here are three things to think about for next year’s annual plan:

1.    What’s your vision?

Whether you are the top dog, or whether you manage a small team, this case study about how we helped Amit (not his real name) in Harvard Business Review is worth a read.  Working on a big change initiative? From a regulatory change to a product change or even a shift in benefits, there is a lot at stake. How are you thinking about this? How can we help?

It’s essential to get everybody on the same page. Contact us about a half-day program for your extended leadership team or a two-hour working session for your executive team.

2.    What’s your story?

What if you could leave with a jukebox of your organization’s best stories that you could play on-demand for your prospects? There’s a reason storytelling remains one of the biggest trends in business. It works. And it’s especially effective for sales teams. When it comes to getting your message across, the key is how you tell the story. We partner with Chip and Dan Heath, coauthors of Made to Stick to teach the framework about how to create and share a message that really sticks and is memorable. The course is a 1-day boot camp. And it’s awesome.

Not sure you can give up a whole day? We designed a special program for Decker grads that’s only a half-day workshop. It’s easier to fit into your schedule.

3.    Are you ready for the big time?

When your executive team is on the biggest stage of the year, you want to ensure that they come across as a polished, passionate and unified front. Our event coaching provides individuals and teams the support, coaching and development they need at every state as they prepare for sales kickoffs, client conferences, roundtables, management off-sites and other critical touch points with key stakeholders.

Let us know if we can help get you (or your executives) up to snuff! Our kickoff planning is in full swing. We’re scheduling now for work on executive presentations, team messaging & content support, executive support at rehearsals, dry run sessions and at the main event.

Next year is right around the corner – let’s make it a great one.

Get in touch with us at moc.r1568860605ekced1568860605@ofni1568860605, or click here to put the ball in our court.



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