Ten Questions with Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte has a new book coming out in 2008, and you can be sure it will be innovative. Nancy and her husband Mark run Duarte Design in Silicon Valley, and are more than on the cutting edge of design – they ARE the cutting edge. We’ve talked about their … Continue reading

The Likeability Factor

This most important communications skill is also the title of Tim Sanders great book. The Likeability Factor is one of those books filled with stories, thus immensely readable, and will bring great value to the reader. This seems like a “soft” subject, but it’s not. I’ve found in over 25 … Continue reading

Teamwork and Passion

When you are inspiring your troops about teamwork, you might use this idea from a great book “sub-merge.” In talking about members of an inner city mission who stuck together and were able to change lives, InnerCHANGE founder John Hayes said: “…many were able to sustain long-term, even lifetime, commitments … Continue reading

Telling Your Story

Today’s USA Today featured a story on Judy Collins – fancy that, as she just spoke last week to 8,000 people at the Million Dollar Round Table in Denver (her home town) – and here I was about to blog about how she told her story. If you say “Who’s … Continue reading

Made To Stick

Last night’s long flight from Florida’s Sanibel Harbor seemed to go fast as I finished “Made To Stick” – that great new book by Chip and Dan Heath on how to make your messages sticky. I liked it so much I turned to my wife Dru Scott, (who had started … Continue reading