100% Success Rate

In my speeches and programs I’m often encouraging people to volunteer – to risk. To speak up for example. You probably often find yourself in the same situation – exhorting the recalcitrant to take a risk.

The 95% Solution

Both psychologists Abraham Maslow and Karen Horney did extensive work on the development of self esteem and self actualization. In her book on human growth Horney in particularly found that when people made the attempt to do something scary and risky – they most often succeeded. In doing my own research with myself and others, I find that the success rate is about 90% to 95% – we do well when we make the attempt.

“Concern should drive us into action and not into depression.”
Karen Horney

The 100% Solution

Think of this – if we learn something in that 5% of the time that we don’t do it so well, that makes the ‘failure’ a very large success. So it follows that WHENEVER we attempt something – and LEARN from our mistakes – we will succeed. So whenever we take that risk and volunteer we succeed 100% of the time.

But if we don’t attempt something, we always fail. We lose the opportunity, and regret our weakness, and that moment can’t be recaptured.

So play the odds. Take every opportunity to volunteer, to risk, to speak, to venture forth. Every time you do so you will succeed, and every time you do NOT risk – that you shrink up and get small – you will fail. Encourage your audiences of one or one thousand with “What’s to lose by risking!”

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