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Decker founder Bert Decker becomes Chairman Emeritus, Ben and Kelly Decker to become Co-CEO's

July 22, 2021
The company announced today that founder Bert Decker will step down as Chairman and become Chairman Emeritus. Ben Decker, the company's CEO, will succeed him as Chairman and become Co-CEO with the company's President, Kelly Decker. Ben and Kelly look forward to continuing the proud legacy of Decker Communications and its transformational methodology built on the foundation of Bert's pioneering work in the industry.

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SF Business TImes

Entrepreneur Profile

Ben Decker, president of Decker Communications.
“What it does: Trains corporate executives and groups in presentation and communications skills.”
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SF Examiner

Bert Decker breaks down Decker Communications’ best- and worst-communicators lists

“The CEO and founder of Decker Communications, a San Francisco-based communications firm dedicated to teaching everyday people to company executives sound communications skills, recently released the firm’s 16th annual Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators list.”
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Decker Communications in Forbes

Who Are the Best and Worst Communicators of 2011?

“Once again, my fellow communication coaches Decker Communications have published a ’10 best and worst communicators for 2011,’ and the list is fascinating both for those who it includes and those it doesn’t, as well as what it says about us and where we are as a nation.”
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Decker Communications in Business Insider

What Do Lady Gaga, Howard Schultz and Chris Christie Have In Common?

“Do you ever wonder what makes a leader particularly influential, likable or successful? It’s all about how they communicate, says Ben Decker, president of Decker Communications, a San Francisco-based firm that has counseled clients like Charles Schwab and Pfizer on how to refine their skills.”
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Decker in The Fast Track

Selling Your Bright Idea: the Realities of Innovation

“So you put on your thinking cap. Innovate, you tell yourself. Think. What’s a creative idea? Finally, you land on what you consider to be a fairly brilliant idea, and are juiced the next morning when you go into the boss’ office to present it.”
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Decker in Financial Advisor

Exclusive: Communication Habits To Break

“Too often there are inconsistent messages. The visual cues need to match what is being said Decker believes that indiviudals buy on emotion and justify the purchase with facts. Although that is often the truth, people usually forget the emotional part of the equation.”
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Decker Communications in USA Today Money

Put yourself in your listener’s place when communicating

“Bosses often admonish journalists not to bury the lead – meaning that the most important element of a story should be the first bit of information revealed to readers or viewers. That’s a lesson that a communications expert says everyone should take to heart when talking to their bosses or colleagues.”
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