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Decker founder Bert Decker becomes Chairman Emeritus, Ben and Kelly Decker to become Co-CEO's

July 22, 2021
The company announced today that founder Bert Decker will step down as Chairman and become Chairman Emeritus. Ben Decker, the company's CEO, will succeed him as Chairman and become Co-CEO with the company's President, Kelly Decker. Ben and Kelly look forward to continuing the proud legacy of Decker Communications and its transformational methodology built on the foundation of Bert's pioneering work in the industry.

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Why Likability Matters More Than Ever at Work

“The ‘big three’ behaviors most important to a speaker’s likability are making eye contact by looking into the camera, smiling naturally when you talk and varying your tone of voice to convey warmth and enthusiasm, Mr. Decker says. To show the importance of nonverbal cues, he has clients…”

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Investor's Business Daily

Short, Passionate Presentations Are The Most Powerful

“”It’s amazing the amount of impact that you can pack into 18 minutes,” said Kelly Decker, president of Decker Communications. “Our clients are now having annual conferences that limit people to 20 minutes of main-stage talk time. They no longer need…”

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How to Enthrall an Audience When You Speak

“It’s not that PowerPoint presentations are a bad thing. But for many speakers, they are a crutch. And for the audience, they become a distraction. Just look at some of the best speakers. In their annual top 10 list of best communicators, Decker Communications named Nelson Mandela as No. 1…”

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Decker Communications in Forbes

Who Were the Best and Worst Communicators in 2013?

“Who were the best and worst communicators in 2013? In a very real sense, it’s an impossible question. There are something like 6 billion of us humans on the planet. All of us are communicating all the time (if mostly during our waking hours)…In a brilliant move, Decker puts Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafazi tops on the best communicator list this year.”

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The Five Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make in Speaking

“Being able to speak well allows leaders to influence and inspire others. Unfortunately, not all leaders take the time to work on this critical skill and, as a result, their effectiveness as leaders diminish.”

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Decker in The Wall Street Journal

Getting Attention and Respect, from a Chair

“Project your voice more than others, to have as much impact as if you were standing face-to-face. And smile at every natural opportunity, Ms. Decker suggests, since ‘lightness draws people in.’ Also, engage others by asking questions and showing interest.”

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Decker Communications in the San Francisco Chronicle

Movers and Shakers

“Decker Communications Inc. named Kelly Decker president. Decker was previously executive vice president.”

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CBS Money Watch

Job Interview: Body Language Mistakes You’re Likely Making

“‘Nobody walks into a job interview with the intention of being lazy, standoffish, or unlikeable,’ says Kelly Decker, president of consulting firm Decker Communications. But even a stellar resume can leave you looking lackluster. ‘When it comes to getting the job it’s less about how accomplished you actually are — and more about how you are perceived.'”

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Private Motor Carrier

Talk to the Boss

“Ben Decker, CEO of San Francisco-based Decker Communications, cautions against focusing on numbers alone. ‘Too often, what we do is we dive into data and we dive into the background and the context and the reasoning,’ he says. Decker stresses the need to make personal and emotional connections wherever possible, even in the boardroom…”

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Decker in The Wall Street Journal

How ‘Power Poses’ Can Help Your Career

“Most speakers aren’t aware of the signals they send through body language, says Kelly Decker, president of Decker Communications, a San Francisco coaching, training and consulting firm. ‘We pick up habits, such as walking into a meeting and sitting down with our shoulders slumped, and we don’t even think about it.'”

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Decker Communications in Forbes

How to Handle Q and A Successfully

Ben Decker is the CEO of Decker Communications, a fellow communications company on the West Coast. We crossed paths years back … and started a conversation with Decker which has now extended to a podcast. Our chat will give you the chance to hear from Ben on the right and wrong ways to handle Q and A, current trends in communications and Paula Deen’s legendary communication skills. It’s a fun conversation, and Ben has a great perspective on the world of public speaking.

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New York Business Journal

People On The Move

“Kelly Decker, renowned keynote speaker and executive coach to the Fortune 500, will lead the firm’s growth plan. The leading expert in messaging and business communications, Decker Communications, consults, trains and elevates leaders to close the deal, launch the initiative and motivate action.”

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Decker Communications in PR Newsire

Kelly Decker Promoted to President of Decker Communications, Inc.

“Decker Communications Inc., the leading expert in consulting, training and messaging for business communications, announced today that Kelly Decker has been named president by the board of directors. As president, Kelly Decker will be in charge of scaling the elite quality of the communications training and messaging programs upon which Decker Communications has built its reputation.”
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Decker in The Wall Street Journal

Is Too Much Eye Contact Creepy?

“In general, the rules are the same for listeners as they are for speakers. It is usually best to maintain eye contact for 7 to 10 seconds, then look away briefly, to avoid making your conversation partner feel as if you are staring her down, says Kelly Decker, executive vice president of Decker Communications, a business-communication training company based in San Francisco, whose clients have included Charles Schwab, Pfizer Inc. and Yahoo.”
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