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Decker Communications Called ‘The Gold Standard’ in USA Today

February 5, 2013
In the USA Today weekly column ‘Entrepreneurial Tightrope’ by Gladys Edmunds, Decker Communications was named ‘the gold standard’ for communication training programs.

“It’s been 20 years since I took that training program, and still, each time I approach the speaker’s platform, all the important points of delivering a presentation rush to my mind….it is still the gold standard I look for in any training I participate in.”

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How to Grab and Keep Your Audience in the Attention Economy
June 30, 2015
“We are all bombarded with data at every turn. Our smartphones (and the constant content they provide) call to us like sirens, ready to distract us under the guise of multi-tasking. This is the attention economy. And it’s the new reality...”

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How to Get Employees Excited to Do Their Work
May 18, 2015
“No one wants another checklist task that they have to complete. We want to be called to something greater. So instead of informing and directing your direct reports, aspire to inspire…”

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WSJ Radio

What Makes a Great Communicator in 2015?
January 23, 2015
From a sales person to a CEO, Ben Decker, CEO, Decker Communications, discusses what makes a great communicator. How should we start to shift the conversation in 2015? "People's BS antennas are up - if they don't like what they are hearing, they can tune out..."

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Associated Press

Vikings VP helps in fighting cancer
December 19, 2014
"BAD COMMUNICATING: Roger Goodell has made a Top Ten list he could do without. Decker Communications' 19th annual list of Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators of 2014 has such sports notables as Derek Jeter and Adam Silver on the best side. On the worst: Donald Sterling, Stephen A. Smith and Goodell..."

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Donald Sterling named worst communicator of 2014
December 16, 2014
"Donald Sterling's recorded conversations with V. Stiviano drew attention and inflammation. Now, they earn him an award: worst communicator of 2014. Decker Communications, a leading business communications training and consulting firm, has released its annual list ranking the best and worst communicators of the year. And sports figures drew particular distinction, good and bad..."

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Bedford Daily Voice

Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES Puts Focus On Communication
November 28, 2014
"'People remember images and visuals, not the bullet points,' said program leader John Galvin. He also recommended use of black slides, with nothing on them, to draw attention back to the speaker.

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Decker Communications in PR Newsire

Business Communication Sucks: But Not For Long! Decker Communications Expands New York Communications Training
October 7, 2014
"Decker Communications, Inc., the leading expert in consulting, training and messaging for business communications, opens a newly expanded office in New York City today. Decker Communications has earned a reputation as the go-to training and executive communication coaching firm for leading Fortune 500 companies. In the last three years, the company’s eastern regional business has more than tripled, spanning every major industry with a particular emphasis in financial services, technology and bio-pharmaceuticals."

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Fast Comapny

Five Lies You’re Telling Yourself about Your Communication Style
June 19, 2015
“Getting your point across is about a lot more than the words you say, and no, you can’t just ‘Wing’ your presentations. Business communications sucks. We spit out information and miss the opportunity to influence, inspire, or even mildly entertain because we don’t consider the experience that we’re creating...”

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How to Speak in Public Without Getting Nervous
February 18, 2015
One of the best ways to handle nervousness is to share personal stories, says Ben Decker, chief executive at Decker Communications, San Francisco, a consulting and training firm. Opening with a personal anecdote that relates to your talk can help you get..."

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Popoff: The Best and Worst Communicators of 2014
January 5, 2015
Ben Decker, CEO, Decker Communications, discusses the Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of 2014 on Popoff with Mary Jane Popp.

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Derek Jeter makes Best Communicators list
December 19, 2014
"Decker Communications, which consults and trains business types on delivering messages effectively, is out with its 19th annual list of Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators and, sure enough, old No. 2 made the good list at No. 4..."

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Decker Communications: Tips for Business Communicators
December 16, 2014
"Business communicators can learn a lot from the late Robin Williams. He was chosen number one in Decker Communications' 19th annual list of best and worst communicators of 2014...Kelly Decker says that great communicators give off a vibe of authenticity, credibility and likability without being too polished..."

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Decker in the Huffington Post

Ready to Lift Your Likability?
November 18, 2014
"The "big three" behaviors most important to a speaker's likability on video are making eye contact by looking into the camera, smiling naturally when you talk and varying your tone of voice to convey warmth and enthusiasm, according to Ben Decker..."

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