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Decker founder Bert Decker becomes Chairman Emeritus, Ben and Kelly Decker to become Co-CEO's

July 22, 2021
The company announced today that founder Bert Decker will step down as Chairman and become Chairman Emeritus. Ben Decker, the company's CEO, will succeed him as Chairman and become Co-CEO with the company's President, Kelly Decker. Ben and Kelly look forward to continuing the proud legacy of Decker Communications and its transformational methodology built on the foundation of Bert's pioneering work in the industry.

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Power Pose: Why Career Coaches Won’t Stop Telling You to Stand Like Wonder Woman

“‘We debate it more internally than anything else,’ said Kelly Decker, president of Decker Communications, a business coaching firm. Her group teaches the ‘forward lean,’ its twist on the power pose that’s more appropriate for group settings…”

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5 Discouraging Phrases You Need to Avoid As A Boss

“Kelly Decker, co-author of Communicate to Influence: How to Inspire Your Audience to Action, notes that emphasis is crucial here. ‘Whether you emphasize you or this completely changes the meaning of this phrase,’ Decker says. ‘You can make people feel more included, more supported and more validated by shifting the emphasis you use…'”

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The Two Most Critical Elements of Interview Day

Does your confidence (or insecurity) show in your physical appearance? One of my favorite writers, communications expert Bert Decker, calls this trifecta the “believability factor” in his excellent book You’ve Got to be Believed to be Heard…

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International Business Times

Body Language Science

In one-on-one conversations, for example, it’s standard to hold eye contact for seven to 10 seconds, Ben Decker, chief executive officer of Decker Communications, a San Francisco-based training and consulting firm told WSJ. So if a person breaks eye contact…

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Decker Communications in PR Newsire

Scott Bender Joins Decker Communications

Decker Communications, the leading business communication training, coaching and consulting firm, announces today that Scott Bender will join the team as senior vice president of the sales team. “Scott is strategic, collaborative and a natural cultural fit for our team, which is to say he’s an incredible relationship builder, he’s growth-minded and he leads with humble confidence,” said Ben Decker, CEO of Decker Communications…

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How Do the Candidates Communicate?

Ben Decker, CEO of Decker Communications, weighs in on the communication styles of the 2016 presidential candidates. From Marco Rubio to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, as well as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, what kind of impact has communication had (and what will it have) on their campaigns? In this clip, he discusses why authenticity matters.

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Best and Worst Communicators of 2015

Ben Decker joins Carol Massar and Cory Johnson on The Bloomberg Advantage to discuss the Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators of 2015. Who made the list, who did not, and how does it impact business, politics and even pop culture?

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The Smartest Ways to Network at a Party

“People who are genuinely open to new relationships adopt an open stance, shoulders apart and hands at their sides, turning slightly toward newcomers to welcome them, says Kelly Decker, president of Decker Communications, a San Francisco consulting and training firm. Also, their gestures match their words…”

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Clarify Message So It Resonates With Your Audience

“Kelly Decker, who with Ben Decker wrote ‘Communicate to Influence,’ noted that ‘communicating is a contact sport — you must connect to make an impact.’ She adds that most of us spend tons of time preparing the content of our message while shrugging off the presentation, which really is at least as important to ensure that your audience gets it…”

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What Email, IM, and the Phone Are Each Good For

“We default to email to connect with people – to the tune of 122 business emails, on average, per person per day. And while email is great for recaps, updates, and other informational exchanges, there are many situations where it’s not the best form of communication. In fact, it can slow you down or muddle an important message…”

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American Management Association

Three Reasons Why Your Message Isn’t Getting Through

“We’re in a new and different communication era, and there’s no point in grumbling that our listeners ought to put down their phones and pay attention. They won’t—unless we give them good reason to do so…There are three societal trends that are giving communicators a swift kick in the rear to change…”

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Communicating a Corporate Vision to Your Team

“As a team leader, you’re not always the one to set the grand overarching vision, but your role – communicating it and casting it in a way that motivates your team – is essential. Getting your team to see how their work matters on an organizational level will keep them motivated and productive—especially during times of change…”

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How to Grab and Keep Your Audience in the Attention Economy

“We are all bombarded with data at every turn. Our smartphones (and the constant content they provide) call to us like sirens, ready to distract us under the guise of multi-tasking. This is the attention economy. And it’s the new reality…”

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Fast Comapny

Five Lies You’re Telling Yourself about Your Communication Style

“Getting your point across is about a lot more than the words you say, and no, you can’t just ‘Wing’ your presentations. Business communications sucks. We spit out information and miss the opportunity to influence, inspire, or even mildly entertain because we don’t consider the experience that we’re creating…”

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