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Decker Communications Called 'The Gold Standard' in USA Today

February 5, 2013
In the USA Today weekly column 'Entrepreneurial Tightrope' by Gladys Edmunds, Decker Communications was named 'the gold standard' for communication training programs.

"It's been 20 years since I took that training program, and still, each time I approach the speaker's platform, all the important points of delivering a presentation rush to my mind....it is still the gold standard I look for in any training I participate in."

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John Thiel Joins Decker Communications Board Of Directors

Decker Communications, the leading business communication training, coaching and consulting firm, today announced that John Thiel, former Vice Chairman and Head of Global Wealth and Investment Management at Bank of America Merrill Lynch has joined Decker’s board of directors. Go To Article >

How to Overcome Your Terror of Making an Off-the-Cuff Speech

The boss turns to you in a meeting and asks: What do you think? Or asks you to deliver spontaneous remarks or make a toast at an office gathering. Do you freeze on the spot? Ramble endlessly? Break into a nervous sweat? Ben Decker, CEO of Decker Communications, spoke with WSJ’s Sue Shellenberger on strategies to help overcome the fear of impromptu communications. Go To Article >

What Business Jargon Really Means

Offices are buzzing with buzzwords. No matter where you work, it’s hard to escape euphemisms, idioms and corporate slang, all of which may impair communication and conceal the facts. Kelly Decker shares tips for how to craft your message so it inspires rather than confuses. Go To Article >

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Fast-Track Leadership Presence For Women In New Communication Course

When leading an initiative, filling in for your boss at a meeting, catching a moment with a top executive in the hallway, or connecting with a client, leadership presence is essential. Starting today, there’s a new and effective way to fast-track these skills. Go To Article >

What 9 Passive-Aggressive Office Comments Really Mean

Confusing phrases come loaded with hidden emotion. “Not only do we question what you’re saying and meaning; we also feel pretty awful after you say it,” said Ben Decker, CEO of Decker Communications consulting firm. Go To Article >

Creating an Influential Experience

Kelly Decker, President of Decker Communications joins Stephen Wershing and Julie Littlechild of the Becoming Referable podcast and shares what it means to communicate to influence and how to learn what you can do to become an effective communicator. Listen to the episode >

Communications Firm Highlights Serena Williams, J.J. Watt as Figures with Most Impactful Messages of 2017

Communications training and consulting firm Decker Communications Inc. recently released its Top 10 Communications Moments of 2017 list, highlighting how some people made a major impact with their public messages over the past year. Ben Decker, the firm’s CEO, recently spoke with ABC News on how he formulated the list… Go to Article >


J.J. Watt’s work in hurricane relief came in second on this year’s list of Top 10 Communication Moments, as compiled by Decker Communications. Watt’s fundraising for victims of Hurricane Harvey finished behind only the #MeToo Moment of October in the survey. Go to Article in Washington Post >

Speaking Up

Kelly Decker, President of Decker Communications and MBA ’04 of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business shares important communication lessons, the Decker Method™ and one of the most satisfying moments of her career… Go to Article>

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Do You Communicate To Influence In English Or In Spanish?

¿Hablas español? Decker Communications Inc., the leading global business communication training, coaching and consulting firm, is proud to finally be able to answer that question, “¡Sí!” Read more in English y español>

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Decker Digital: Online Learning In Bite-Sized Modules – With A Twist

Gone are the days where “online training” and “e-learning” were synonymous with “boring” and “waste of time,” where users mindlessly click-click-snooze. Decker Communications Inc., the leading business communication training, coaching and consulting firm, unveiled a first-of-its-kind online learning training. Go to Article>

Top Sports Communication Moments of 2016

The athletes and sports figures that landed on the list of Decker Communications’ Top 10 Communication Moments of 2016 are highlighted in this feature story from ABC News Radio. CEO, of Decker Communications, Ben Decker weighs in to explain why and what we can all learn from them. Listen to the clip>

Top 10 in 2016: Communication Moments

Decker Communications CEO Ben Decker joins FOX KTVU Channel 2 anchors Sal Castaneda, Claudine Wong and Mike Mibach to discuss the Top Communication Moments this year including: Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech, Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Knee Drop Heard Round The World’ and Sheryl Sandberg’s Commencement Speech at UC Berkeley. Watch the Interview>

Top Communication Moments of 2016

Ben Decker, CEO of Decker Communications joins Brian Sussman of KSFO to discuss the Top 10 Communication Moments of 2016 and what lesson we can learn from each. Listen to a clip>