Chris Ward of State Farm calls Decker Communications a Must for Any Leader

Our Clients

Decker is active in various teams within Brocade. We conducted Platinum Coaching sessions with leaders in Engineering to transform technical data into an action-oriented message of influence to drive initiatives. Our Communicate To Influence™ program has also been integrated into the on-boarding curriculum of high-potential Brocade team members.
The Schwab-Decker partnership is one of the longest running among our clients. It all began in 1983 when Bert coached Charles Schwab in an executive coaching session. Now, we work directly with the executive team, and with leaders throughout the Schwab organization to customize programs for various business units. Notable among them are advanced programs for the Institutional Sales and Marketing teams, as well as Retirement Services.
Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group engaged Decker to enhance the communications skills of their senior consultants. We customized a series of one-on-one sessions to work on polishing their skills and messaging as thought leaders, namely in the area of media training.
Decker developed customized one-day programs for the sales and marketing teams within the Specialty division of Clorox. We paired our classic principles with a follow-up coaching program to prepare this team for success at their National Sales Meeting. Since then, our work has expanded to additional sales teams throughout the company.
Beginning with Platinum Coaching for select individuals, Hertz broadened their communications program and worked with Decker to create one-day Senior Executive Programs for their Leadership Team.
HP has a long history with Decker. Most recently, we helped drive an initiative to improve the communications of Knightsbridge Solutions, a consulting arm of HP. The key focus of the training was to raise the level of communications from providing detailed analyses and data to a message of influence that would call their clients to action.
Our work with MetLife spanned the Individual Business Wholesaler Group, and helped bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing. We conducted Communicate To Influence™ programs with the sales force to improve the way they framed and delivered their client interactions, and led workshops with the Marketing team to help tell the MetLife story in a more effective way.
Pfizer first brought Decker on board to work with their International Legal Team. We led a series of one-day Communicate To Influence™ programs to offer a consistent method of communicating across a wide range of cultures.
Robert Half International engaged Decker to customize a series of one- and two-day programs for various business units. These programs targeted specific areas including: one-on-one communication, communicating at the C-level, and strengthening the communication and leadership skills of high-potential team members.
Decker and ServiceSource worked closely together to customize and implement a program to deliver the company’s new positioning and brand strategy. Using a top-down approach, training began with the executive leadership team and made its way throughout ServiceSource, resulting in solid framework to build messages and presentations and deliver them in a compelling and persuasive way.
Stryker’s sales teams began using Decker to improve their daily communications with physicians and surgeons. The engagement began with Platinum Coaching to key sales leaders who quickly became a model of effective communicating. Following their success, we then brought the program to several sales teams in the organization.
U.S. Coast Guard engaged Decker for large group workshops, and a series of our Communicate To Influence™ programs. Most recently, we led a program geared toward media training.
Yahoo! first enlisted Decker to work with their Search & Display sales teams. This engagement encompassed both Platinum Executive Coaching and Communicate To Influence™ programs. Since then, our work has expanded to include the Yahoo! Mail organization.