Shark Bait

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We love the ideas, stories and behaviors we see on Shark Tank.

Unless you’ve listened to this interview with Barbara Corcoran, however, you might underestimate how important the behavior category is.

What they don’t show you on TV is how long contestants wait before beginning their pitch. As Barbara tells us, they’re not allowed to speak until an investor speaks to them. So, they walk out the door, excited to pitch. Then they stand there in silence for five minutes.

Five minutes!

Why wait so long? Largely to analyze their behavior.

Here is how Barbara explains it:

           “…what I see is I see somebody who’s terrible under pressure or someone who’s great under pressure, and what a great test that is. Do you know before they even open their mouth, I know who I’m out on. I just sort of come up with a reason why I can say on camera, “I’m out because…” Okay? But the truth is I know when I’m out right away because the guy takes his hand out of his pocket, then he’s shifting, he’s no longer making eye contact. His eyes are going crossed, he’s sweating the bullets, his knees are juggling. I mean this is a guy I’m going to give my money to. Is he going to make it to the finish line? I don’t think so.”

Any further questions?

Content is important, but as always it’s behavior that reigns.

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